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How to Avoid Winter-Related Car Accidents

During the winter months, car accidents are more likely to happen. This is because roads are slick or icy. At August Vincent Insurance Agency, providing residents in the greater Huntley, IL area with auto insurance, we want to help you stay safe as you drive on roads during the winter months.

Here are our top tips to help you avoid winter-related car accidents:

Ensure Your Tires Have the Proper Tread

One of the best ways to minimize your chances of being involved in an accident this winter is to ensure your tires have the proper tread. Having the proper tread helps your tires to grip the road, which can prevent you from sliding on icy or wet roads. If your tires do not have enough tread, have them replaced before the winter season hits. 

Drive Slower Than You Normally Would

Another tip that can help to minimize your chances of being involved in an accident this winter is to drive slower than you normally would. When roads are icy or slick, you should drive a bit slower than the posted speed limit to stay safe. 

Make Sure Your Headlights Work

Finally, before you hit the roads, take the time to ensure your headlights work and then use them. Using your headlights helps to illuminate dark spaces, helping you to identify ice or other hazards. 

Get Auto Insurance Today

Unfortunately, drivers cannot prevent every accident from happening. If an accident does happen, having the right insurance can make all the difference in ensuring that your car gets repaired and you are able to get back out on the roads quickly. The agents at August Vincent Insurance Agency, serving residents in the greater Huntley, IL area, can help you with all of your auto insurance needs. Call us today to obtain an estimate for a new auto insurance policy. 

Who Really Needs Umbrella Insurance?

You may have heard the term "umbrella insurance" before, but what is it really? And do you really need it? Here’s a quick overview of umbrella insurance from August Vincent Insurance Agency in Huntley, IL.

What is Umbrella Insurance?

Umbrella insurance is an additional layer of protection that can be added to your existing auto and homeowner’s insurance policies. It provides coverage for claims that may exceed the limits of your regular policy, such as personal injury or property damage.

For example, let’s say you’re at a barbecue and someone slips on a wet spot on the deck. They might sue you for medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering. If the cost of their lawsuit exceeds your homeowner’s policy limit, umbrella insurance would step in to cover the difference.

Do You Need Umbrella Insurance?

Many people don’t need umbrella insurance because they don’t have enough assets to warrant the extra coverage. However, if you have a lot of assets—such as a home, investment property, savings, stocks, or bonds—you might want to consider umbrella insurance to protect yourself from a potential lawsuit.

We Are Here To Answer Your Questions

Umbrella insurance is an additional layer of protection that can be added to your existing auto and homeowner’s insurance policies. It provides coverage for claims that may exceed the limits of your regular policy, such as personal injury or property damage. If you have a lot of assets in Huntley, IL — such as a home, investment property, savings, stocks, or bonds— you might want to consider umbrella insurance to protect yourself from a potential lawsuit. Contact August Vincent Insurance Agency to set up a time, and we can help you determine if umbrella insurance is right for you.

Confused about finding the right insurance for your IL home? Let us help

August Vincent Insurance Agency Huntley, IL is here for the residents of the state of Illinois. We can help you find the right home insurance policy that best meets your needs. With so many options available, it can feel next to impossible when it comes to finding the right one for your family. That’s why you can rely on us! Give us a call today and let us help.

Selecting the right policy to protect your IL home

When it comes to selecting the right policy to cover your IL home, the process can feel like a daunting one! There are so many options available, and so many different companies providing policies in our state, that it’s easy to get confused or overwhelmed. The main areas of home insurance include liability, loss, and damage. You need protection in all three areas in order for a policy to be considered complete. 

If you entertain a lot, it may be a good idea to carry additional liability insurance. This is just one way that working with a local agent can help. Rather than try to figure everything out on your own, you can work with someone who has the knowledge and experience to help inform your decision. Finding the right home policy may take some time, but it is absolutely worth the effort needed!

We are here to help you!

Homeowners in Illinois can turn to the team at August Vincent Insurance Agency in Huntley, IL for all of their insurance needs. We have the expertise that is needed to help our clients make the right decisions when it comes to insurance. We are here to help! Give us a call today to learn more about the home policy options that are available in our state.  

3 Reasons Your Auto Insurance May Need Revisiting

Insurance coverage that hasn’t kept up with major changes in our lives can have a significant impact on what we’re actually covered for. If you’ve recently made a major life change, then now is a great time to revisit your auto insurance policy, and see if anything needs updating. At August Vincent Insurance Agency, serving the Huntley, IL area, we often see drivers with old policies that no longer fit their needs.

Here are three reasons you might want to revisit your own auto insurance policy:

1) You’ve made some kind of big life change

Whether you’ve gotten married, bought a house, or moved to a new state, you should check in on your auto insurance policy, make sure that the information they have is up-to-date, and make sure that the policy still covers what you need it to cover.

2) You’ve added a child to your family

Children factor into insurance policies in different ways. While teen drivers can mean an increase in prices, a baby can often mean lower premiums since families with young children don’t tend to take many long road trips.

3) You’ve added another driver or a new car

New toys are exciting, but they can be rough on insurance depending on what type they are. Adding another driver can also change your rates in ways you might not expect. Either way, it’s important to update your policy to reflect these sorts of changes as soon as you can, to make sure everyone and their vehicle are covered properly.

Contact us at August Vincent Insurance Agency today to update your auto insurance policy. We’re proud to serve the Huntley, IL area, and are committed to helping you find the right insurance policy for your needs.

Common Commercial Insurance Exclusions

You would wish that your commercial insurance policy could protect your business from all manner of risks. However, the reality is that no insurance policy is foolproof — your commercial insurance isn’t an exception. Typical business insurance has exclusions and limitations you should know to avoid frustrations when filing claims.

At August Vincent Insurance Agency in Huntley, IL, we sympathize with our clients when perils strike, only for them to realize they aren’t covered. To avoid such incidences, we continuously educate our clients on insurance policies to avoid common pitfalls.

Here we look at typical business insurance exclusions:


Standard business insurance won’t protect you when floods damage your business premises and the assets inside. If you want flood protection, buy a stand-alone flood insurance policy from the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) or private insurers.


Like home insurance, typical business insurance won’t help you when faced with earthquakes, sinkholes, and other earth movements. For such risks, you need to purchase a separate earthquake policy.

Commercial vehicles

While vehicles are your business property, they aren’t covered under your commercial property insurance. You need to invest in commercial auto insurance to protect your vehicle and the driver when accidents happen.

Equipment breakdown

Your commercial property insurance protects your equipment when a peril listed in your policy causes damage. However, if your equipment is faulty, your commercial insurance won’t come to your rescue. Unless you have an “equipment breakdown add-on,” you will have to cover the repair cost from your pocket, including business interruption costs.

Commercial liability coverage exclusions

If you have general business liability coverage, it protects you when accused of bodily injury, property damage, and advertising injury. However, this policy has numerous exclusions, including:

  • Intentional acts
  • Breach of contract
  • Pollution
  • Liabilities arising from your vehicle
  • Wrongful advertising
  • Unauthorized use of another’s name or product

Contact Us Today

Want to learn more about your commercial insurance policy in Huntley, IL? We are here to help. Please call, email, or visit August Vincent Insurance Agency for more information.

Home insurance FAQs

Most people don’t ever read their home insurance policy, and unless they need to file a claim, they rarely think about it at all. But it is important to make sure you have the right coverage to protect your home and yourself. At August Vincent Insurance Agency in Huntley, IL we make sure that all of our customers have the right home insurance at the best price possible. 

Home insurance FAQs

Is home insurance required if you don’t have a mortgage?

No, if you don’t have a mortgage, you are not required by law to have home insurance, but since it is one of the largest purchases you will ever make, it makes sense to insure it. 

Does my home insurance cover a dog?

It depends on the breed of your dog. Some breeds are considered dangerous and are not covered by home insurance. Check with your insurance agent to make sure that you have the coverage you need. 

Is jewelry covered by home insurance?

Jewelry is covered by home insurance but it has a very low limit. If you have more than just a small piece or two, you need to have separate jewelry coverage. 

Are floods covered by home insurance?

Floods are one of the exclusions to a typical home insurance policy. Flooding caused by a burst pipe is covered but surface water is not. You can, however, get a flood insurance policy from the NFIP. 

Is a home inventory necessary?

You didn’t need to have a home inventory but if your home is hit by a covered peril and you need to file a claim, you will be glad that you have one. You can provide it to the insurance company as proof of what was in your home before the peril hit. 

Contact August Vincent Insurance Agency in Huntley, IL with all your insurance questions and needs. 

What Is An Insurance Premium?

Premiums are the amount you pay each month or yearly to keep your insurance. They come with policy, including health, home, and car. You pay to keep your policy in place. 

Premiums are determined by the risk of insuring an individual item. They’re usually counted as a percentage coverage amount or insurance limit. For help and advice, give us a call at August Vincent Insurance Agency in Huntley, IL.

Why Do You Need to Pay an Insurance Premium? 

Insurance companies need money to pay for their services. They have to have a certain amount of money in the reserve to pay for people’s claims on their policies. This is called a "Solvency Margin." 

Premiums also help insurance companies stay in business and continue to offer policies to other people. If policy users didn’t receive any money from premiums, they would lose money on every policy they sell so that they couldn’t stay in business long term. 

If you don’t pay your premiums in time, it will likely result in a cancellation of your policy, and you may not be able to get another one as easily. Some policies, such as critical illness insurance, have a one-time premium, but most have regular payments that you must make to keep the coverage active. 

Medical, dental, vision, life, disability, car, renters, homeowners, and other policies can help you protect your assets and your family from financial risk. By choosing the right insurance policy and keeping up with your payments, you can protect yourself from financial risk. 

Give Us A Call

Premiums are standardized and each type of insurance comes with its set of terms and conditions. If you need to do to stay covered, don’t worry. You can contact the insurance provider directly or speak with your insurance agent. Contact August Vincent Insurance Agency in Huntley, IL today. 

Do You Need Commercial Insurance?

With business ownership comes great responsibility. There are many layers to the success of your business, and it is very important that you have the proper insurance protection for each of these layers. At August Vincent Insurance Agency, serving Huntley, IL, we can help you better understand the insurance products available for business owners.

Commercial Insurance FAQs

What Is Commercial Insurance?

Your business operates at many different levels. You need insurance protection at each level. However, having multiple insurance policies is not efficient or affordable. A commercial insurance policy bundles the many different types of coverage you will need into one efficient, streamlined policy. This makes insurance more affordable and less complicated. 

What Does Commercial Insurance Cover?

You can customize your commercial insurance policy to meet the unique needs of your business, but in general, a commercial policy will cover the following areas:

  • Property- The physical location of your business and any equipment or inventory you keep there will be protected with property damage insurance. This type of policy will kick in to pay if the property, equipment, or inventory is damaged, lost, or stolen. 
  • Vehicle Coverage- If you need to use vehicles for the everyday operation of your business, you will need a solid auto insurance policy in place to protect both the drivers and the vehicles being used. 
  • Liability Coverage- A business owner is at a heightened risk for liability because you have customers coming in and out of your place of business and using your goods or services. If someone is injured at your place of business or because of your goods or services, they can hold you responsible for medical bills. If a lawsuit results from the incident, you may also be responsible for legal fees. Liability insurance will pay for these types of expenses should the need arise. 

If you would like to learn more, please contact us at August Vincent Insurance Agency serving Huntley, IL, and the surrounding areas.   


Creating and storing a home inventory

When you own a home, you face a lot of risks. Having home insurance helps you to mitigate some of the risks you face. Make sure you have the right amount of home insurance to cover everything you need. Of course, everyone hopes that they will never need to use their home insurance, but you will be glad to have a home inventory if you do. At  August Vincent Insurance Agency in Huntley, IL, we believe in customizing your home insurance to you and your home. Choosing the right amount of coverage protects everything you own. 

Home Insurance Facts

A home inventory will be your best friend when you file an insurance claim, so you must make it as detailed and clear as possible. 

Begin by getting a pen and pad and bringing your phone or camera. You will want to take many photos of each room, and be sure to include any of your more costly items. Try to have a plan. It will be a time-consuming operation, and you need to include everything and lots of details. 

Give names, brands, and serial numbers on anything where it is appropriate. If you have sales slips, receipts, or appraisals for the more expensive items, that will certainly help. 

Go room to room and don’t just list the obvious things, such as open closets and drawers. You want to include everything. Go up to the attic and down to the basement. Check the garage. 

Once you have collected all the information, attach the pictures and receipts and find a safe place to store the inventory. A good option for a backup is to take photos of the inventory and email them to yourself for storage in an email folder. You can also put the copies on the cloud. At the very least, fire and waterproof containers are a must. 

Give Us A Call

Contact  August Vincent Insurance Agency in Huntley, IL with any questions about home insurance. 


What is a BOP and why would a business want it?

What is a BOP and why would a business want it?

No matter what kind of business you own, you need insurance. What type of insurance differs by what kind of business you own. August Vincent Insurance Agency serving Huntley, IL offers a full range of insurance policies, so your business can obtain just the insurance it needs.

While commercial business policies are custom in nature, each starts with the same essential insurance types, such as business liability. Each bricks-and-mortar business does need four essential types of insurance – liability, property damage, business interruption, and peril. The customization part happens after you obtain these four policies.

Business Owner’s Policy (BOP)

A business owner’s policy (BOP) bundles these four policy types into one package and, by doing so, reduces the premium cost to you. You can add any type of business insurance to this BOP from malpractice to errors and omissions. You can tack on glass insurance or boiler insurance. Any insurance type your business needs, you can add to the foundation of a BOP.

Because you customize all commercial policies, you create a package of insurance that perfectly suits your business. This saves you money and ensures that you insure your business against every risk.

Example of How a BOP Works

For example, every brick-and-mortar business has a physical location, such as a storefront. If that storefront incurred damage in a storm, you’d receive coverage under the peril policy and the property damage policy for repairs to structure and repair or replacement of the business equipment. The business interruption insurance would pay for any days you had to close your business due to the peril damage. If one of your customers had a slip-and-fall accident at your business while you were closing it up before the storm, your liability coverage kicks in. The glass insurance that you added to your BOP covers any broken windows that the storm causes.

Contact August Vincent Insurance Agency serving Huntley, IL about a BOP policy for your business today. Protect your business with the insurance it needs to thrive.

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